Choosing a venue is one of the most important decision in event planning. When you’re ready to search for your event venue, consider these 5 things.

How well prepared are you for your special day or for someone’s event that you are organizing? Have you planned for the perfect venue to host the event? What are the factors you consider in choosing an event venue?

There is nothing worse than waiting for that precious moment your entire life, only for it to happen at a wrong place! Good thing, it hasn’t come yet, and you still have time to prepare for it!

Here are 5 things to consider when choosing your event venue:

1. Spacious Area for your Guests

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Know the maximum capacity of the venues you are searching. You’re choosing a venue for your event to ensure two things: that your desired event will happen as you want it and that people special to you will be there to witness it. These two things can only happen if your event venue has enough space. Expect the unexpected and set an allowance to the capacity of your event venue.

2. Catering Service Partners

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Aside from the food preparation, caterers are also responsible of the basic venue arrangement that sets the visual theme and ambiance of the entire place. It is beneficial that your catering service provider is familiar of the facilities and even the rules and regulations for set up and installations. Aside from ease of operations, if a caterer is a venue partner, chances are you can avail special offers and bundles for the entire event package. It’ll save you all resources; money, time and effort.

3. Back Up Covered Venue for Open Space Events

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An open garden themed wedding or debut has always been one of our favorites! This is probably because we love to appreciate the beauty of nature, especially watching the lights under a bright night or pair the event with that sunset ambient light. But what if an unexpected visit of rain fall drops from the sky? Keep in mind that a good plan has always a Plan B! It might be a good option to choose an event that also has a covered venue if such case happens.

4. Enough Parking Space

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You don’t want your guests to be going in and out of the venue during your program just to check out their vehicles from an outside space where they found to park it. Enough parking space more than anything else is for safety and security for you and your guests. Thank them for coming by giving them peace of mind that their valued vehicles are kept safe.

5. Flexible and Negotiable Rates

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We all know that you have prepared all out for this special event, but we don’t want you to miss opportunities to minimize cost. There is always a way to have what you want, and get even more! You only to find a venue that will consider your work budget without compromising the service facilities.

For your guideline, the usual package that you can request from a potential venue provider when choosing a venue:

a. event venue;

b. basic sound and light system;

c. suite room for preparation;

d. electricity use.

Try to haggle on corkage and extra hour/s charges too!

These basics are gonna help you a lot in filtering your best options for your event venue. These are just some of the things you need to consider when choosing your event venue. There still other factors you need to consider for the entire event planning. Primo Venues provides a comprehensive list of venues. We have provided all the necessary information you need for when choosing an event venue. All you have to do is to start searching!

Because your once in a lifetime moment deserves to happen at its perfect time and perfect place too!